NARACES Career Link 2016

For those of you interested in being a part of the 2106 Career Link, we have some helpful information for you.

Job Seeker CVs: Email a 2-page PDF vita to as an attachment in this format: LastnameFirstname_CV.pdf. Example: DoeJane_CV.pdf.  Your abbreviated CV will be made available ONLY to employers and universities who have submitted a job post to us.  To help employers more easily find your vita, please indicate in the subject heading and body of your email if you have a core area of focus or cognate (i.e.: Clinical Mental Health, School, Play, etc.).  If you are looking for a supervisory position indicate that as well.  

  • Once your vita is submitted it cannot be resubmitted with corrections or updates.
  • There will not be a space for vitas, so please remember to submit online by the deadline.
  • We strongly encourage job candidates to bring several hard copies of their full vita to share with perspective employers.   
  • The deadline to submit your vita online is September 16th.
Employers: All positions will be posted on the NARACES website.  Please sent your job posting to as an attachment in the following format: Universityname_track.pdf.  Indicate the track you are looking for (i.e.: Clinical Mental Health, School, Rehab, Supervision, etc.).  If it is not specified replace “track” with “open.”  This will help organize the postings for job seekers.  
  •  Employers and search committees will have the opportunity to review vitas on their own time.  Employers who are interested in potential candidates please contact them privately.  In our experience this contact is made both before and during the conference.  
  • Due to space limitations we regret to say we cannot provide official space for interviews.
  • There will be space for job posting at the conference.  Priority will be given to those who were unable to meet the deadline to post online, however, there should be space for all postings at the conference.  
  • The deadline to submit your job post online is September 16th.


Important Note: Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.  By agreeing to participate in the Career Link, your CV can be viewed by all participating universities.  We cannot guarantee it will not be shared with others.  If you are concerned that your current employer or others will see your CV, we caution you to find other ways to distribute your information. 

University Job Talks: Both employers and job seekers took full advantage of University Job Talks at the 2016 ACES Conference and we are happy to provide that serve again at NARACES. Those universities who submit job posts on or before Sept 16th will have the opportunity to sign-up for a University Job Talk spot.  Employers will receive an email with the opportunity to sign-up.  The time slots will be first-come-first serve and will be limited.  University Job Talks will occur in a private room and allow each employer 20 minutes to discuss their position(s). Participants will then have limited time to ask questions.   Further instructions will come closer to the conference date to those who have submitted job posts.


We look forward to seeing you at NARACES!  Please contact us with any questions.

NARACES has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 1103. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. NARACES is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.


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