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  • Sat, September 17, 2016 3:10 PM | Hennessey Lustica

    We would like to invite you to participate in a research study titled Wearing Two Hats: Exploring the Intersect of Counselor Educator and Counselor Identity in the Classroom. The study is being conducted by Hennessey Lustica, LMHC, ACS, Ph.D. Student and Alisa Hathaway, Ed.D., LCSW-R from the University of Rochester Warner School if Education. 

    Your participation would involve participation in a one-hour focus group with other Counselor Educators and Doctoral students to explore the impact of student disclosures in the classroom around past or current traumatic experiences (i.e. suicidal ideation, family of origin, sexual assault, maltreatment, etc.). These disclosures may have come in the form of written work or pedagogical discussion. The researchers are interested in examining the intersection of Counselor Educator and Counselor roles in the classroom.  The aim of this study is to collect input to inform best practice in Mental Health and School Counseling training programs. This research study hopes to address questions, gather ideas, and bring together people to discuss these circumstances. 

    If you are interested in participating in this focus group, please join Hennessey and Alisa during the 2016 NARACES Conference in Syracuse, NY on Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 2:15-3:15 pm. Location will be determined by conference planning committee.

    The focus group is entitled: Wearing Two Hats: Exploring the Intersect of Counselor Educator and Counselor Identity in the Classroom. The focus group will be able to accommodate 12 subjects and will be audio recorded.

    If you have any questions regarding this study, please contact:  Hennessey Lustica at

  • Thu, September 08, 2016 4:43 PM | Michael Hannon

    Colleagues - I'm looking forward to connecting at the upcoming NARACES meeting.  Please visit the exhibit space to see the range of agencies, programs, organizations present.  Below is an specific invitation from Casino Vision, Inc., a company specializing in a/v recording systems 



    CVi will be showing our new Audio/Video Session Recording System in the Exhibition Area at NARACES in Syracuse on 22-24 September. We call it the Clinic Observation Recording System (CORS).

    We now has over 50 University audio/video clinic session recording installations across the USA, mostly within on-campus Counseling, Communication Disorders and Psychology Clinics.  There is also increased use within Counseling and Psychology programs without on-site clinics,

    Much interest is being generated by our portable  iPad based recording system for mobile, remote or off-campus video recording applications (with on-site downloading into a secure central database for later viewing and analysis). We call this the Mobile Recording Platform (MoRP)

    Please drop by our Exhibit table. We will be able to provide demonstrations, planning information or just bright conversation.

    You may contact me at any time – information – cost – online demonstration – advice.

    I hope to see you at the Conference.

    Yours Sincerely

    Richard Bungey


    CasinoVision Inc 

    N66W38493 North Woodlake Circle

    Oconomowoc, WI 53066

    Ph: 262-569-1986

    Cell: 262-490-3618

    Skype: richard.bungey3

  • Thu, July 07, 2016 6:33 PM | Michael Hannon


    Please consider supporting the 2016 NARACES conference by having your program, department, and/or college/school exhibit, sponsor or co-sponsor an event, or advertise in the conference program.  We anticipate over 250 registrations.  Any inquiries can be directed to Michael Hannon at or Vaibhavee Agaskar at  

    Opportunities and associated rates are as follows:

    Exhibitor & Sponsorship Packages

    Exhibitor Package

    Come and show off your business or school to conference attendees!

    Cost:  $650 (with electricity) or $500 (without electricity), which includes:

    ●      Advertisement in the 2016 NARACES Conference Program

    ●      Booth (8’ X 10’ with 6’ table and 2 chairs) in exhibitor space

    Emerging Leaders Lunch Sponsor

    Cost:  $500, which includes:

    ●      NARACES Emerging Leaders Lunch sponsor including signage featuring your logo

    ●      Full page advertisement in the 2016 NARACES Conference Program

    ●      Booth (8’ X 10’ with 6’ table and 2 chairs) in exhibitor space

    NARACES Opening/President’s Reception Sponsor

    Cost:  $1000, which includes:

    ●      NARACES Opening/President’s Reception sponsor including signage featuring your logo

    ●      Full page advertisement in the 2016 NARACES Conference Program

    ●      Booth (8’ X 10’ with 6’ table and 2 chairs) in exhibitor space

    NARACES Graduate Student Reception Sponsor

    Cost:  $500, which includes:

    ●      NARACES Graduate Student Reception sponsor including signage featuring your logo

    ●      Full page advertisement in the 2016 NARACES Conference Program

    ●      Booth (8’ X 10’ with 6’ table and 2 chairs) in exhibitor space

    NARACES Refreshments Sponsor

    Cost:  $500, which includes:

    ●      Refreshments sponsor including signage featuring your logo

    ●      Half page advertisement in the 2016 NARACES Conference Program

    ●      Booth (8’ X 10’ with 6’ table and 2 chairs) in exhibitor space

    Tote Bag Package

    Cost:  $750, which includes:

    ●      Your business or school logo printed on the conference tote bag distributed to each conference attendee

    ●      Full page advertisement in the 2016 NARACES Conference Program

    ●      Booth (8’ X 10’ with 6’ table and 2 chairs) in exhibitor space

    Lunch Bag Package

    Cost:  $500, which includes:

    ●      Your business or school logo printed on the lunch bag

    ●      Half page advertisement in the 2016 NARACES Conference Program

    ●      Booth (8’ X 10’ with 6’ table and 2 chairs) in exhibitor space

    Advertising Schedule

    ·       Quarter-page advertisement in conference program ($75)

    ·       Half-page advertisement in conference program ($125)

    ·       Full-page advertisement in conference program ($225)

  • Mon, May 30, 2016 9:49 AM | Eric Perry (Administrator)

    NARACES - Emerging Leaders Workshop

    Call for Nominations.  Deadline is June 30.

    NARACES would like to announce the 2016 Emerging Leaders Workshop to be held at the NARACES conference in Syracuse, NY on Thursday, September 22, 2016 from noon to 5:00 p.m..  Dr. Harriet Glosoff, Past President, ACES and Dr. Tracey Robert, Past President, NARACES and ASERVIC and a panel of current leaders will conduct the workshop.  Lunch will be provided for all participants.

    The Emerging Leaders workshop is designed to help graduate students and new faculty members in their first to third years of employment discover how leadership can enhance their own professional development, to enhance the diversity of NARACES, and to help engage talented and dedicated leaders with NARACES.  In addition, the presenters will provide an overview of NARACES and ACES leadership opportunities and introduce participants to current leadership. Invited participants will receive a stipend of $200 for attendance to the workshop and conference.  

    A review panel will select attendees with a demonstrated commitment to the profession of Counselor Education and Supervision, leadership experience and potential, and participation in state, regional, and/or national ACES organizations and conferences.  Emerging leaders that represent racial and ethnic diversity are particularly encouraged to apply.

    To apply: Both self-nominations and third-party nominations will be accepted. Applications must be submitted electronically and include: (a) the nominee's vitae; (b) a letter of nomination (if third party); and, (c) a statement from the nominee (no more than one page) as to why he or she wants to be a NARACES Emerging Leader. Applications are due by June 30.

    Dr. Tracey Robert
    NARACES Emerging Leaders Committee

  • Mon, April 25, 2016 11:37 AM | Derek Seward


    We invite NARACES members to serve as reviewers of the NARACES 2016 conference program proposals. Reviews of proposals will begin the end of April. Each reviewer will be asked to review 20-30 proposals in a two-week time frame.

    Reviewers will receive proposals via an Excel file and will be asked to complete a rubric for each proposal. All members of NARACES are eligible to serve as conference program proposal reviewers.

    Please enter your contact information and preferences for topics into the following survey if you are interested in serving as a reviewer.

    Reviewers will be accepted on a first-come-first serve basis. By submitting your name you are committing to review proposals in the time frame provided. Reviewers will not be contacted until the end of April when proposal submission is complete. If you do not receive an email asking to review proposals, it is because the need for reviewers has been met.


    Thank you for volunteering

    Questions: Please email

    Thank You!


  • Fri, January 08, 2016 9:53 AM | Derek Seward

    The 2016 NARACES Conference will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Syracuse, NY. The conference theme is "Enriching Our Professional Counselor Identity Through Dynamic Scholarship and Practice." Educators, supervisors, practitioners, and graduate students are encouraged to attend!

    Details for the conference, the call for proposals, and conference registration coming soon!

  • Thu, May 21, 2015 9:40 AM | Nicole Pulliam

    Mansfield University has an opening for a tenure-track faculty counseling position.  See full details within link.

  • Mon, December 15, 2014 4:24 PM | Michael Hannon

    Good afternoon - 

    I'm happy to share that continuing education certificates have been emailed to conference participants.  If you attended our conference in September, submitted a CE documentation form, and did not receive a certificate, please contact me directly at  For those of you who have received a certificate, please be in touch if you believe anything on your certificate is incorrect. 

    I appreciate your patience and the opportunity to serve the region.



    Michael Hannon, Ph.D.

    Montclair State University

  • Thu, December 04, 2014 11:15 AM | Melissa Luke


    I am writing with respect to a  call for submissions to a book in the ASGW series, Group Work Experts Share their Favorite Activities for Supervision.  The original submission due date was December 15th, but it has recently been extended until January 31st.  


    I thought that you and your staff might consider sending a contribution (or two) for the text related to all the great group work supervision you are doing! Feel free to forward this call to colleagues, practitioners, students and professional listservs.


    Please see the call below:


    Directions on how to contribute your favorite group supervisory activity to the Association for Specialists in Group Work latest book:


    Group Work Experts Share Their Favorite Activities for Supervision 

    edited by Melissa Luke & Kristopher M. Goodrich



    (1)          Describe your Activity using the headers listed below. 

    (2)          Save your word or pdf file with your last name, ASGW Group Sup Book, date.

    (3)          Email to the Editorial Assistant, Gene Crofts, MS at no later than January 31, 2015. 

    (4)          Activities will be edited and returned to authors for requested revisions later in the spring.

    (6)          Expected publication date is early 2016.





    Group Supervisory Activity Description

    It is expected that proposals will be in the 2-4 page range and contain the following:

    Name of Group Supervisory Activity: (An engaging, descriptive title is preferred.)

    Authors: (List name and degree for each author.)

    Group Supervisory Activity Focus: (Please select one.)

    ______        Facilitating Group Development/ Process in Group Supervision of Groups

    ______        Applying Model Based Interventions in Group Supervision of Groups

             ______        Teaching Theory Based Interventions in Group Supervision of Groups

    ______        Integrating Expressive Arts in Group Supervision of Groups

             ______        Facilitating Multicultural and Social Justice Awareness in Group

                                        Supervision of Groups

    ______        Supporting Process in Group Supervision of Task and Psycho-educational Groups

    ______        Addressing Setting and Population Specific Issues in Group Supervision of Groups

    ______        Developing Skills and the Co-Leader Relationship in Group Supervision of Group Leaders

             ______        Other

    Goals: (Be specific in terms of knowledge, behaviors or skills, thoughts, and feelings.)




    Estimated Time Length: (What is the length of the group? How long does the group meeting each session?; What is the session number duration of the group?)

    Materials: (What materials might the group leader require? Does the group require paper and  pencils for members, art supplies, posters or poster boards, etc.?)

    Introduction: (Provide a brief overview of the concept of the group supervision activity, can  include an anticipatory set or just a few sentences to start things off.)

    Special Directions: (What specific instructions are needed for group leaders before beginning the group?  Does the group leader need to conduct any special research prior to leading this group?  Are specific group screening procedures required?  What is specifically required for members?)

    Activity Steps:       (Explain step by step in sequential fashion, each specific step that is necessary for the group supervisor to facilitate the group supervision activity.)

    Processing Questions: (What specific questions or prompts are necessary for group leaders?)

    Cautions: (What specific cautions or concerns need to be attended to by group leaders as they facilitate this specific type of group?  Are specific screenings necessary for group members as the group progresses?  Does the group leader need to be attentive to specific potential issues within this specific type of group?)

    Adaptations: (What different ways can this activity can be adapted to different settings, used for other purposes or with different populations of group members?)

    Credits/References: (Include as appropriate.)

    Three questions for potential continuing education credit: (These can be multiple choice or true/false.)

    About the Author: (Begin with name and degree, and also include current employment, location, and context for group work and group supervision. Also include email address.)

  • Mon, July 28, 2014 2:10 PM | Jeri Stevens

    Clinical Supervision Institute Retreats

    Sponsored by Chandler Bay Resources

    Facilitated by Jeri Stevens PhD, LCPC, CCS, ACS, CCMHC

    Deborah Drew, EdD, LCPC, ACS, NCC

    Randi Cohen LPCC-S, NCC,ACS

    The time has come to register for the Clinical Supervision Institute retreat.

    Beyond laughter and fun, participants will have the opportunity to learn models of supervision, understand the role of the clinical supervisor and the supervisee, and will have ample opportunity to practice supervision in a beautiful, peaceful, lakeside, non judgmental environment. These trainings are designed for individual growth through participation in group process. Both the Clinical Supervision Institute and the Advanced Clinical Supervision Institute will have a minimum of 4 ethics contact hours.

    Each option will include room and board, evening music, yoga, meditation and wonderful bonding.

    • 1.       Advanced Clinical Supervision 

    September 11 & 12, 2014 


    CEU's - 20 hours

    Cost (room and board included) $ 530


    This advanced training is intended for folks who have already participated in the Clinical Supervision Institute or any other clinical supervision training. Working in this tranquil safe environment you will have the opportunity to grow in confidence and skill. 

    • 2.       Clinical Supervision Institute

    September 15, 16, 17, 2014


    CEU's - 30 hours

    Cost (room and board included) $ 795


    This training is intended for clinicians who want to further develop clinical supervision skills and/or those who have an interest in becoming a clinical supervisor. The Clinical Supervision Institute meets educational requirements for the Certified Clinical Supervisor (Maine) and Approved Clinical Supervisor (national) credentials. 







    Professional License type:

    Send checks to:

    Jeri W Stevens

    60 Front St

    Waterville, Maine 04901


    Pay through PayPal at

    For further questions or information contact Jeri at

    Chandler Bay Resources is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP solely is responsible for all aspects of the program.

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NARACES has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 1103. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. NARACES is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.


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